Spiced Almond Latte – Readymix Sachets (30gm x 5)

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A revolutionary caffeine free, healthy blend is here! Just add hot water to this latte drink powder and it’s ready to go.
The Brew Story’s instant powdered drink mix comes in single-serve packs so you can take full advantage of a rapid boost of energy when you’re out and about and on the go. This convenient and nutritious caffeine free drink powder blend will help to keep those hunger pangs away.
You suggested and we listened. Many of you who are in love with our Spiced Almond Latte suggested making a drink by just adding water. And here it is.



A healthy blend of Australian nuts including almonds, pistachios, and cashews a handful of spices including turmeric and ginger blended with Australian milk powder to bring you the ultimate in flavourful, healthy drinks! There are no additives in this drink mix powder. The instant drink powder is caffeine-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, and it’s a great instant almond powder drink for kids!
Our caffeine free powder drinks are manufactured from ingredients that are 100% natural and suited to all the family.

ALL THE GOOD – This turmeric ginger powder drink mix consists of all of the good and none of the bad. The instant latte mix is caffeine-free, gluten-free, all-natural, suitable for all ages, and entirely convenient.

PERFECT GIFT – All The Brew Story products make excellent gifts. Shoppers that are looking for that healthy, tasty, nutritional gift can find exactly that with The Brew Story lineup of caffeine free drinks.


Dry powder

Masala Latte


Brace yourself to be embraced by scent of big bouquet of roses the moment you open the packet. Nutty overtones hit your senses the next, with a hint of spices in the background. We think Cleopatra was on to something while taking those milk baths! The simmering pot of this golden milk, wraps you in a heady floral aroma mixed with cream and gives your humble kitchen an exotic vibe as if you have walked in a day spa!


Rich golden-brown powder with specs of vibrant greens lent by pistachios and eye catching dry rose petals. Golden yellow. You might just share that vision of Cleopatra’s, as your senses get engaged in this little concoction, right while it is brewing away in the pot. The gentle boiling of the milk starts to ooze out the golden colour of the turmeric. As the milk heats up further, the saffron threads impart its golden orange colour and sweet flavour to the brew.


Nutty, crunchy, smooth and creamy, all adjectives can describe this brew. Depends on what you like. The overarching flavour is almond, cashew and pistachio that dominate the mouthfeel. The hints of cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and turmeric emerge at the back of the palate. While saffron and rose petals leave a lingering aroma and tiniest hint of floral sweetness. The scent of rose petals and saffron dominate the cup from the moment you take your first sip of this Masala Latte. The almond and cashew meal give body to the milk making it even more creamier, smooth and rich. The intricate spices play a gentle harp at the back of the palate while your taste buds are in a tizzy, wondering what just hit them. One teaspoon of jaggery added to this masala latte takes it on another level of taste sensation as the jaggery lends its gentle caramelly sweetness to the brew while enhancing the flavours of the nuts and spices. A must try!


  • Add this to flavour milk of your choice. (Masala Latte).
  • We recommend using Soy milk to create your masala latte. (Be warned: it is addictive!).
  • Sprinkle on porridge, Weet-Bix, pancakes or French toasts.
  • Add to desserts, cakes or gluten free foods.
  • Be creative! (let us know how you used this fab Masala Brew and we will try it too).

  • Breakfast on the run.
  • Sleep time soothing drink for tiny tots.
  • After school snack/drink for the youngsters.


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