Tea Makes Everything Feel Better

Being British, having a cup of tea (or ten), has been bred into me from an early age. These days, my choice is decaffeinated, but I still drink several gallons of the stuff a week.

Feeling sad? Have a cuppa. Feeling happy? Have a cuppa. Indecisive? Pour yourself a tea. Having guests over? Put the kettle on. You get the drift. A tea does wonders.

I love a chai latte when I pop out to a local cafe to meet friends. Even while working, having a nice brew on standby, helps me feel more productive. I don’t know, but simply pouring myself a cup of tea gives me more clarity.

So, having recently being sent some tasty chai from The Brew Story, I was delighted. They have a variety of chai tea mixes, but their almond latte mix is truly divine. It’s creamy, nutty and absolutely delicious.

They have a ready pack that you can add to porridge, but adding some hot milk or water, gives you the quality of a cafe in the comfort of your own home.

Nothing like a nice chai during winter to warm yourself up too. For added flavour, and to keep sweet cravings at bay, I mixed some Almond latte ready mix with a dash of chai mix, some hot oat milk, and honey. It was a great winter warmer and the perfect non-alcoholic alternative to a mulled wine.

What’s unique about this chai is that it’s healthy. There’s a lack of sugar or processed ingredients that you may get in a cafe or in other home brands. There’s a splendid range of aromas too. You’re not getting mono-taste, but each mouthful is a refreshing gastronomical experience. Sounds dramatic, but when you’re a foodie like me, this is important.

The Brew Story are another Australian company. They make specialty teas at extremely affordable prices, while their packaging screams luxury. They’re the perfect pressie to add to a hamper, or, you can simply keep them all to yourself.

[Written by Sarah Tottle (Psychologist, Nutritional Therapist & Journalist) Instagram @sarah_tottle | Original Blog Content Source – https://www.sarahtottle.com/post/tea-makes-everything-feel-better]

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